Why Coaching is Important [3]

photo: Adam Werblow, St. Mary’s College of MD Varsity Sailing Team Head Coach, inducted into the Intercollegiate Sailing Association Hall Of Fame and honored with the Graham Hall Award for Outstanding Service by a College Sailing Professional. 

As a kid, all of us sailors relied heavily on our coaches for the guidance and experience to help us get from point A to point B, make sure we are safe, help us understand what side of the course was favored, and even help resolve a yelling match with our younger brother or sister!

Growing up, every activity we took part in (boy or girl scouts, school sports, piano lessons, math or reading tutoring, swim team, etc.) you had a coach, a teacher, a trainer, a leader – someone to guide and lead you to grow, develop, and master your trade.

While this model of leadership and support from coaches is often focused in our youth sailing programs and education curriculum, it does not stop and in some senses is even more important as we get into the competitive amateur and professional sailing market.

One of my most favorite sailors to race with was owner/driver Paul Reilly in the Melges 20. After a big wind day of competition, with lots of critiquing from myself and the other professional on board, he had the biggest smile on his face and would say “Gosh this is fun, I feel like I’m at big kid sailing school!”. There is a reason he is also a very successful business man, and it’s because he knows that by having the right coaching and support helps to ensure the outcome and goals are attainable.

The model of coaching within a team or from a specified coach, regardless of the medium (sports, fitness, finances, acting, singing, dance, art, business), is applicable (and necessary) throughout our lifetimes – that is, if you truly want to continue to grow, improve, reach new goals, or simply gain support and guidance.

Olympic and Professional sailing teams understand the need to have support and guidance toward their desired goals (World Championships, Olympic Games, World Match Race Tour Finals, America’s Cup, Youth America’s Cup, etc.). Take the extreme case of the America’s Cup programs that have a seemingly unlimited budget and a support team that triples the size of the actual athletes. With 4 coaches boats and many coaches, 2 safety divers, analytics team, shore crew, physical therapist and personal trainer all on staff, they understand why coaching is important.

You get the picture..
If you want to get good at something, if you want to improve, you don’t think twice about working with a coach or mentor.  The same can be said about the power of Remote Coaching for your lifestyle, fitness and even health and nutrition endeavors.


With the increase pressure to compete in more and more sailing events leading up to your “championship”, with focus of the sailing market to race faster and higher load boats, and now with prize money being offered at professional events, the pressure is on. A coach and support team will be imperative for the success and achievement that teams are striving for.

However, still the most under-rated and most under supported aspect of our sport is the training to be physically and mentally prepared to undertake these challenges.  Out of necessity, professional and amateur sailors are now forced to put the time in the gym if they have any hope reaching their goals competitively.

Four years ago I realized this for myself and dove straight into understanding and learning from the best fitness, nutrition and lifestyle coaches in the market to excel my abilities to compete in the extremely competitive and physical sailing classes out there now. In doing so, I found a passion to help others reach their own potential and inspire them through fitness to surpass their goals in sailing.  Why do it alone, if you can have an “eagle’s eye” point-of-view guiding you every step of the way?

This is why Sailing Performance Training was started, as I saw a need to help coach people in an medium that most sailors are not proficient in.  Remote Coaching is a newer, evolving practice within the realm of fitness, and Sailing Performance Training is leading the way by bringing Remote Coaching to the sailing market.

It’s more than just a personal trainer (who may hold your hand for 30-60 minute sessions a handful of times a week), your Remote Coach goes into the trenches with you, building a individualized design program that meets you where you are at, helping to attain your physical goals, as well as, building you a healthier and sustainable career as a sailor.

Whether you are a youth sailor trying to get a spot on one of the top College Sailing Teams in the nation or are competing for the $1 Million dollar price as part of the World Match Race Tour and are ready to take your fitness up a notch and see what you are truly capable of, connect with Sailing Performance Training today for at least a free consult to see how our Remote Coaching Program could best serve you.

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