Trust The Process… See The Results [7]

If you have ever tried to accomplish something big in your life, you have undoubtedly heard “trust the process” many times from your coach or trainer. Change doesn’t happen over-night, but through countless hours of training and years exposure with the solid methodologies.

“To be as good as it can be, a team has to buy into what you as the coach are doing.  They have to feel you’re a part of them and they’re a part of you.”-Bobby Knight

The most successful teams and athletes are the ones that completely trust the program they follow and/or the direction their coach is giving them. No matter how good the program or coach is if an athlete doesn’t believe in what he/she is doing, he/she will not make progress.

From personal experience as a sailing athlete, overthinking the process and second-guessing your training is the biggest stumbling block to achieve your goals. That is why I decided to become a performance coach, to allow athletes to just be athletes and leave the coaching up to me.

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Trusting in the process doesn’t mean that an athlete can’t ask questions, give feedback and make suggestions on what seems to be working and not working. For an athlete to take an invested interest into their program and process is a valuable attribute. Alternatively, it means that the athlete doesn’t have to spend valuable time thinking about the finer details of their performance program and how it fits into their bigger goals.

For sailing athletes, it is all too common to hop from fitness program to fitness program depending on the location of training, new toy that was purchased, or new gym with a new training method. They never really commit to a full program cycle (which can take years to a lifetime to master). They do some of one program while it’s convenient and add it to another workout they have seen someone do from another gym. Before they know it, a year has gone by and they are still the same athlete they were the year before since they have just been “working out” for a year instead of working on weaknesses and building their strengths. I can think of many parallels to training on the water learning a new class or position, and it is the single most important reason to have a consistent coach and solid training plan – otherwise you end up spinning your wheels.

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Our advice is to start by finding a program or coach who has produced good athletes. The athletes will always judge a good coach by what they produce and how they communicate on day-to-day basis. It’s pretty easy to write out a progression and send it to someone and hope that it works. The real test is to see if it is effective with athletes day in and day out.

The key to this all is communication. The individual design programming that we implement here at OPEX Fitness with each of our athletes requires that there must be strong communication feedback loop. If the athlete or athletes don’t post results or communicate, how does the coach know if the program is working? It is an extremely important element people forget. Some think just doing the program will make them better, but what happens when you can’t hit the numbers or percentages posted and you don’t communicate that? In a good progression you will likely increase load, reps and/or sets the next week, but if an athlete is struggling, this needs to be communicated in order for the coach to adjust accordingly.

Luckily, here at OPEX we have a great platform for communication using FITBOT and each coach puts a lot of effort into looking at results, replying to comments and questions and reviewing video as we understand the importance of communication and accountability. It also shows that we care about the community and understand that in order to help athletes’ progress we need to build a relationship with them.

Becoming a great athlete isn’t as easy as following a program. There are so many factors that play into the success of a program and an athlete/coach relationship, but the most important for us is that you trust the process. That will only come from finding the right program and the right coaches that are best for you to surround yourself with.

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If you are looking for a coach to design a program specifically for you, hold you accountable and help you find your potential, reach out and request a free consult where you can learn more about the process and we can learn more about your journey.

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