2016 and Beyond [9]

Written by James FitzGerald, founder of OPEX

It’s just another day actually.  January 1st.  Not unlike December 25th.  There are some changes that occur on that day- like a new year.  2016 into 2017 for this iteration.

There was a time where that excitement was based on an apocalypse, the New Year festivities, and now it’s…another day.

What the change does is create exact measures for growth. It creates a point A from the past and now creates a new point B. Which will in turn of course become a point A in the future. So how important is point B really?

Time will eventually pass by – for everyone – one cannot escape this. As much as we’d love it to pass by aimlessly. And yet it’s so precious. I would love for my girls to age slower. I said the same thing when they were 2 and 4, and 4 and 6…

I would love for a GroundHog Day event at my work and home. It’s great enough where I actually would love that personally. But time will pass, my kids will grow, my relationship with my wife, friends, family and co-workers will also.

And all for what?

Why do we do What we do; and where does Fitness lay in that journey?

Humans have not changed that much in cells and tissues and nerves and the like. We know more about ourselves this year than EVER; yet we still heal the same speed and we still reproduce the same way at the same speed. We are more connected, more diverse, more intelligent??? Has our increased connection and awareness helped? Or confused things?

Fitness in 2016 is not as easy to understand now as it once was in 1995. It is a convoluted, over dramatic marketing plan now. Media rules it, the consumer dictates it. The struggle remains the same – the fight between medicine, media, health specialists and the free market. The previous goal of Fitness to sustain us while living to help reproduce and survive as best we can has gone lost. Fitness has gone from being a daily thing like breakfast to something so analyzed its now paralyzed.

There are those that will work hard in 2017 including OPEX to reshape the Fitness definition. We will continue to make attempts to do this based on what we feel is a winning solution for the consumer, the owner and MORE importantly the COACH.

Yes, the coach.

The coach is where the magic lies in my biased eyes. Each person able to produce massive change. One consult at a time. One support and challenge question at a time.

One client at a time.

The future will be challenging for the coach in 2017. They will have to overcome the consumer leading the direction on fitness delivery. They will have to overcome the media promoting at a MUCH higher and alarmingly faster rate the benefits of the “fast track” fitness program at lower costs. Bio-hacking, quick fixes to being rich and stardom, googling an answer in seconds – these all work against the long term version of Fitness and the Coach. They will have to overcome to urge to drop it all – as they feel handcuffed in a Fitness system where owners and consumers win – and they get shuffled.

Maybe the entrepreneur and coach will persevere this year in 2017?

Maybe the lights will go down on a movement – maybe there is a tipping point waiting to happen in 2017. Where coaches will say “not today, not anymore”.

Maybe 2017 is an opportunity for change.

Maybe 2017 is a birth of the coach.

Maybe 2017 the market will see that the reasoning behind the increases in fancy new supplements, rehab courses and monthly ROM prescriptions, nutrition and recovery experts ablaze in fitness is simply due to POOR program design.

Maybe they will put away the lacrosse ball and the weekly PT/chiro visits and 60 min foam rolling and instead invest in a personalized training program?

Maybe they will teach themselves about fitness? As opposed to being taught fitness?

Maybe they will see the difference in 2017 in a fitness instructor versus a COACH.

They will see the value of the coach. In return they are hurt less, more consistent and can attach results to their program for the long game. Live a larger life implies living it of course. Living implies awareness, being open and conscious. Larger implies acknowledging the struggle for growth – and being realistic in this pursuit – knowing full well growth comes in many ways as we age.

To live a larger life.

Maybe that is an admirable reasoning for why we are here?

Maybe it can be presented to you through fitness?

Hello 2017. OPEX has been waiting for you.

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