Discover and Act on Your Priorities… [11]

There is one thing that we know for certain, that we have one life, one opportunity, one chance to make an impact in our community and in our world.   My perspective is to make it worthwhile!

Everyone’s journey in life is different and HOW they see their priorities can be different, realized at different times, and execute in different manners.

As I coach and mentor more and more athletes I am beginning to realize that everyone looks through a different lens and everyone is on a different stage of realizing their priorities and place in life. This understanding has been my biggest growth as a husband, business owner, and athlete (and it just so happens that my priorities lie in that same order).

I still have much learning still to do, and I truly look forward to that journey. By embracing what I have learned in the past, living in the present, and being open to the unknown of the future, I will be able to live out my priorities.

I urge each of you to ask, what do you FEEL is DEEPLY important to you?

This important question is something that we at OPEX call your Priorities. A complex question for sure, with many different answers that will embody a person’s life.

Priorities change with experience, time and space. Say you lose someone close to you that you cherish? All of a sudden your priorities 3 weeks earlier were slightly different, correct?

It’s important to realize that a person’s priorities have a life-cycle. At a young age, they were “what I LOVE to do”. And as you grow in age and experience, they changed to “what I have become and do”. And when you have years of experience, they are “what I believe and teach”. See that there is a past, present and future in the priorities discovery process.

I have been going through this life-cycle as an athlete in the sport of sailing. As a young kid, sailing is what I LOVED and pretty much all I would ever talk about. As I got older, competing in our sport, it became my essence and what I do. And as I continue to grow my priorities are changing towards teaching what I learned in the process. In doing so I aim to now help other athletes understand their life-cycle of priorities and how to make it all worthwhile!

Through my journey I have learned some important questions that have helped me to recognize when I am fully alive and living my priorities out.

Here are some very simple questions that will help you become aware of your priorities in life:

  • What goals have you set that have signs of coming true?
  • Where are you most organized?
  • What do you LOVE talking about?
  • What REALLY engages your attention?

Everyone may have a different method of keeping track of these priorities – mine are in the front of my journal – but the important point is to keep track!

No matter what your priorities are, to be a professional athlete, to be a great influence to your family, have a successful business, you need to ensure that you priorities are aligned with you actions – and its important to realize that having help and reminders in this department is okay.

One of my roles as a coach is to remind my athletes of the priorities that they are aware of and/or help discover the ones that they possess and have yet to realize. Everyone can use reminders on their priorities and help identifying when their actions are either aligned or not aligned with those priorities.

Creating action towards priorities means something different for everyone and that is one of the biggest growth processes in someone’s life.

Knowing that you are unique in your WAY makes the journey to discover and create action on your priorities exciting.

Now, look at your entire day, down to the minute. Check and see the times that you give yourself to spend on your priorities and the associated actions? Are there any times that are preventing you from acting on your priorities?

Now schedule your actions in, write it down and spend time on it! No one can create these actions but you.

Don’t try and fit into a perception of what you should be or should do, be unique and create in your life’s process. Love your own individuality.

When you do THEN and only then can you get down to business on implementing actions towards your priorities.

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