Nutrition Implementation – A Coach’s Perspective [12]

We honor the coach-client process a lot!

Our belief is that every person grows in fitness in their own way, at their own speed, and for their own reasons. Nutrition is one of those key components in achieving fitness goals.

As a coach, personal beliefs cannot get in the way of what the client NEEDS for guidance and direction.

What comes in a nutritional prescription is an authentic starting point.  It shows:
– where they currently are
– what resources they have to work with
– the plan of attack for the first steps
– discovering the end goal

The pressure on looking good naked is slowly and surely making its way back into mass media on a hard level.

The same approach used years ago to sell low carb or sell low fat are being used now in newly named diet programs.

They call it something new and market it to the masses to make them more confused than ever.  Ultimately, the goal is to sell a book or idea, not to make the public more healthy.

Thus, the consumer, YOU, are inundated with ideas on what they SHOULD do.

At OPEX, we take the “SHOULD” out of the equation, and replace it with what you “CAN” do – to achieve your goal.

Implementation is the hardest to do for most clients and we’ll be the first to admit, the principles aren’t sexy.

We don’t sell “6 Weeks to Flatter Abs.”

As such, our coaches see first hand a few different reasons clients have trouble sticking to their nutrition program.

Original content from OPEX Fitness Blog

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