What to expect as an OPEX Athlete – The Consult [13]

The Consultation

In the next few blogs I am going to share with you more about the OPEX Fitness coaching process and how OPEX Fitness is working to build a remote coaching platform for the sailing community to benefit.

As an OPEX Remote Coach I create individualized programs for each of our athletes – never template or generic. The fitness industry is littered with template programs that have no consideration towards your current lifestyle, training and competition schedules, nutrition practices, personal and business stress, and your past and current level of training.

The sailing industry has never had a system in place that offered individualized performance coaching at the sailing specific level. It also has never had a platform, which could offer it remotely and keep the athletes accountable and continually progressing towards their goals. And now with more and more athletes interested in learning how to perform at a higher level, a community of sailors is building who have taken an invested interest in being athletes.

Okay, so what is the process that an OPEX athlete goes through and how does that help them achieve their goals?

There are 4 specific aspects that every OPEX athletes will go through:

  1. Consultation
  2. Lifestyle & Nutrition Coaching
  3. Movement Assessment/Testing
  4. Individualized Programming

The consultation process is integral to the athlete/coach relationship and the long-term success of the program.

The initial consult is the athlete’s first meeting with myself via Zoom (an online interface to communicate). In this meeting we discuss the athlete’s background in sailing and experience with physical and nutritional coaching. In this first meeting each athlete will complete a full movement screen, where we address the athlete’s ability to complete specific functional movements patterns. This will open a dialogue of previous injuries and technical movements specific to the athlete’s sailing.

I have an extensive knowledge of many different classes of sailing and as a result we are able to break down the movements specific to the athlete’s position and class to create understanding of how perfecting movement will transfer to sailing specific skill.   During this process I will identify any structural weakness, mechanical advantages/disadvantages and the true priorities for athlete’s training based on specific sailing and life goals.

Within this initial consult we will also discuss the athlete’s current lifestyle behaviors and how they could be tweaked to optimize performance. We will look into how sleep, recovery, nutrition, and personal schedules play into the long-term success by breaking down the athlete’s specific nutritional profile, sleep habits, and training and competition schedules.

There is a lot packed into the initial consult and allows for the myself and the athlete to align their priorities with their goals. It allows the athlete to create the space in their life to be-able to take action on their priorities and begin the self-discovery process of becoming a high-performing athlete.

Every month the athlete and myself will sit down and talk face-to-face (no matter what time-zone they are in!) to check-in on how the training process and experience is going. This is the my way as the coach to ensure consistency, revisit goals and make sure everything is aligned with the long-term plan. The monthly consult will act as a major update on the athlete’s lifestyle, sleep, recovery, nutrition, stress, family, and friends,

The consultation aims to cover the entire spectrum of what the athlete has going on in their life. The ultimate goal of the monthly consult is to consistently communicate and ensure progress in the right direction.

The consultation process is one of the major reasons why OPEX athletes are by far more likely to succeed in their journeys as athletes, in their sport, and in life. It plays a huge role into how the other three components (movement assessment/testing, individualized programming, and lifestyle & nutrition) are implemented and acted upon.

If you want to see success in your goals, pick the high-order coaching system and get some work done. I urge each of your to take initiative and begin to ask the tough questions, are you putting the right things in place to succeed.

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