OPEX and Two-Brain Business Podcast [16]

In the previous three blog posts, we’ve discussed various elements of what to expect as an OPEX athlete.  From the initial consult, to the nutrition component, and of course the physical aspect of training, we now will conclude this segment through sharing a podcast between James and Jim of OPEX Fitness and Chris Cooper of Two-Brain Business.  Here you will hear what it truly means to be part of the OPEX Tribe:

“Today we are joined by two very special guests from OPEX: James “OPT” Fitzgerald and Jim Crowell. James Fitzgerald was one of my primary motivators when I first started CrossFit. James started OPEX soon after moving to Arizona which has become one of the most popular training programs in the world. Now on the eve of the rollout of the OPEX physical location gyms, James and Jim join me to discuss the OPEX model, how it works, program design, and flaws they see in the group model.”*

To listen to the podcast in it’s entirety click here.

*Information from the Two-Brain Business  blog



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