Understanding Energy System Training [27]

Photo:  OPEX Athlete Scott Ewing completing aerobic training with repeatable 5 min intervals with 2 min rest for multiple sets.

Energy System Training is a training methodology by which people do various levels of work to try to increase overall ability to complete work. It has proven to be effective in building people’s ability to continue to output power over a longer duration of time via repeatable intervals.

For years, OPEX has investigated the actual dose response of Energy System Training.  We pride ourselves in this research.  Understanding what is actually happening physiologically as a result of Energy System Training is key to proper training.  Otherwise, it’s guesswork.

Keys To Energy System Training:

– Repeatable efforts creates validity of it’s effect – this doesn’t mean that you are always suffering, repeatable may mean EASY

– The client’s ability dictates what system of training can or cannot be done – some clients cannot produce enough power to dig into the alactic or even the lactic energy systems.  It isn’t bad, it just means that everything they do is aerobic until the power is built within them

– The work to rest ratio can help determine the correct dose response – The harder you go and the work time determines the rest that is needed.  A great example is think about how tired 400m sprinters (Olympians) are after a race.  That is a hard effort for approximately 45 seconds.  The reason that that effort cannot just continue at that pace is because the body cannot continue to output that much power for much longer (the definition of different energy systems).  When the body works at threshold it requires much longer rest vs the total work time

– The modalities used in each interval are key to ensure the correct dose response – Think about how hard it is to go all out on an assault bike for 60 seconds.  That is a very different feeling than going all out for 60 seconds on strict handstand push ups.  You must understand that those are two totally different responses even though they are over the same amount of time.

The following video gives an insight into how all systems work together and how they function within different intensities.

Also, it highlights one very important point… the WHY behind doing this type of training.


*Blog originally posted via OPEX

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