About SPT

Sailing Performance Training LLC, believes that the sport of sailing has changed in the last decade, where high performance classes now require sailors to be high functioning athletes.  At SPT we believe that no two sailors are alike, and as a result we view fitness as an evolving journey as well as an exploration for each of our athletes to discover their physical potential.  Here at the SPT Blog our commitment is to continually share our passion and knowledge to ensure that our athletes have the best resources and experience possible in their pursuit of fitness.

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To inspire, empower, and enable sailing specific athletes to reach their highest potential through fitness.


We believe that genuine excellence begins with a personal commitment and discipline to the journey.

We believe that success is built on trust, and trust cannot be achieved without integrity and humility.

We dare to dream big and commit to a superior strategy with meticulous improvement.

We believe that the true strength of a team is a product of clear-minded and modest leadership.

We believe that longevity in a sport requires the persistent commitment through fitness to achieve mastery.