Sailing Performance Training FAQ


 1.What does SPT do?

Sailing Performance Training, LLC is a global fitness company that focuses in 3 main areas:

Education – this blog is used as a primary resource for the sailing community to get education about performance training related to fitness, nutrition, lifestyle, and mobility.

Remote Coaching – in collaboration with OPEX Fitness, SPT offers remote coaching support for sailing athletes looking to reach the next level in their training regime and achieve their fitness and sailing goals.

Sailing Services – SPT Coach and Owner, Mike Kuschner, competes in a variety of high performance sailing classes at the international level.  If your interested in having Mike join your team in competition feel free to reach out.

2. What is OPEX Fitness and how are they a part of SPT?

Sailing Performance Training LLC, owner and coach Mike Kuschner became an OPEX Remote Coach in 2016 through their Coaching Certificate Program and joined the OPEX Coaching Staff as a Remote Coach focus on the sailing community.

All SPT Remote Clients will be a part of the OPEX Tribe, where they will interact directly with 100’s of other fitness clients reaching their goals. OPEX will a resource for our clients helping on-board each of our clients billing and scheduling of communication with the SPT Remote Coach.

See more about OPEX Fitness at opexfit.com

3. Who are SPT’s remote clients?

We have the privilege of working with remote clients around the world who are inspired by fitness. They share our belief that fitness leads to more successful career in sailing and a better life all around.

Remote Coaching Clients:  Our clients here are serious about their fitness.  They are inspired to take their fitness to the next level.  They are not brand new to fitness and they have not been on the sidelines for years and years.  They are excited and able to stay in touch with their coach so that their coach can tweak their program as needed.  Our remote clients often have competitive sailing pursuits that they are striving for whether local, national, or international sailing endeavors. Regardless of their endeavor, our SPT Remote Coaches individually consult and design the program that helps them achieve their goals.

4. How does Remote Coaching work?

SPT Remote Coaching, under the framework of OPEX Fitness, is one of the first sailing fitness companies to use virtual programming of sailing athletes.  The way that our Remote Coaching system works can be seen here.

You talk to our Remote Coaching Advisor and your advisor helps you understand if the program is a great fit for you and how the SPT coach can help you.

You then speak to your coach in a Coaching Consult.  Your coach begins the process of understanding exactly where you came from, what you are built like, what your goals are, what your training history is, and what has/has not worked for you in the past so that they can gain a great understanding of exactly where your program should begin.

Your coach sets you up on our training platform call Fitbot – this platform will become your go to for receiving your program, uploading videos, commenting on your workouts and receiving feedback from your coach on your program results.  It is an outstanding tool to help your keep everything tracked for the long run.

Your coach puts you through an assessment so that they can get tangible data of where you are today. Without that data their program wouldn’t be effective.

Your coach goes back and designs your “split”.  A split is the style of training that you will do for months.  It doesn’t have exercise in it. It contains HOW you will train so that your coach can recognize larger changes and not get caught up in the day to day like most other coaches.

Your coach designs your specific program and posts it to Fitbot weekly.  This will allow your program to populate within the platform for you to see it when you need it.

You do a once per month coaching consultation with your coach.  You have full access to your coach through Fitbot as well as email but it is a great addition to be able to sit face to face with your coach each month. Our system is set up to send you an automated link to his/her schedule so that you never have to remember to schedule your appointment.  We want to talk to you!

Throughout your experience your coach not only assess and designs your program, he also helps design your nutrition protocols, your competition schedule, your lifestyle practices (sleep, hydration, stress reduction, etc…) and many other important factors to increase your performance.

The Remote Coaching Program is a brilliant way to take your sailing to the next level without having to uproot your life in order to receive world class coaching (learn more about Remote Coaching).

5. Does SPT have an onsite facility for training?

No – SPT is a purely remote coaching company.  Each of our Remote Clients conduct their fitness training at their personal, local gyms that they are members of.

6. Do you work with the entire crew of sailing teams?

Yes – if you are a part of a team or a general manager of a sailing team and would like to get your whole team sign up as remote coaching clients we can help.  Please reach out to our Remote Coaching Advisor and specify that you are hoping to get the team signed up.

7. Do you have social media pages? If so, what are the links to them?

Yes – we do.  Here they are:


8. How can I get in touch with you to ask question or get started with SPT Remote Coaching?

We believe in one to one connection with our clients so we want to speak to you directly.  Please follow the link to:

Speak directly to our Remote Coaching Advisor