Remote Coaching

Remote Coaching Program

The Sailing Performance Training Remote Coaching Program is the most effective way to meet your fitness goals.  Whether you are an elite sailing athlete, looking to take your performance to the next level, or someone that wants to take their sailing and health seriously, we can help you improve.  SPT is able to help you wherever you are located, as well as, create an individualized program that fits your training, travel and competition schedule.   When you are interested please contact us for your free consultation with our Remote Coaching advisor through OPEX Fitness to discuss becoming a better athlete!

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All exclusive coaching clients will become athletes under OPEX Fitness where OPEX Remote Coach will lead you through your fitness journey.  OPEX has emerged as a global leader in Fitness Coaching and provides a model of excellence for OPEX Coaches and athletes. Mike Kuschner joined the OPEX Fitness coaching staff as a Remote Coach, working directly inspire and empower athletes in the sailing community to reach their full potential.  The sailing specific knowledge partnered with the performance training resources at OPEX Fitness, Sailing Performance Training is your leading industry resource for elite level coaching.

Remote Athlete Success Stories

John Wallace – SPT Remote Coaching Client

“My goals were to gain strength and improve overall fitness while keeping up with a busy competition schedule. I have been able to improve my strength while only being able to put a couple of days in at a full gym each week.  Sailing Performance Training works around my schedule and finds unique workouts for me to do based on my location that week.”


Drew Wierda – SPT Remote Coaching Client

“At the high-end levels, the sport of sailing is changing rapidly.  After sailing M32’s for a week with a SPT Coach, it didn’t take long for me to make the decision about jumping on board with SPT.  Since joining SPT my recovery time has reduced and I am mentally more sharp for longer periods of time on the water.  I’m stronger and my body composition has changed which has enhanced my performance.  Since joining SPT, competitively I have qualified for Gold Fleet in the Resolute Cup, finished 2nd at the Melges 32 Nationals, and won the Melges 32 World Championship!”

About the Experience

Initial Consultation:

You will have a one-hour face to face video conversation with your coach to discuss your past experiences, your goals, and your strengths and weaknesses.  Your coach
will help you identify mechanical advantages/disadvantages, priorities and areas of growth.


Individual Program Design:

After a thorough understanding of your movement patterns, fitness background, lifestyle factors & priorities, and what you are looking to achieve, your coach designs a completely individualized program tracked to monitor daily progress and upgraded to evolve with the fitness journey.


Monthly Consultation:

The ultimate goal of the monthly video consult is to ensure your progress as well as to build your rapport with your coach.  You will update your coach on your lifestyle, sleep, nutrition, stress, family, and friends to allow your coach to continue to design the best program for you.


Lifestyle & Nutrition Consultation:

Your coach will address how you sleep, recovery, nutrition, and schedule (competition and personal) will effect your long-term goals.  Your coach will also provide you with an education and guidelines around nutrition to help you maximize your performance and pursuit of your goals.


Long Term Improvement:


After your initial movement analysis and assessment, your coach will revisit those same movements and test to ensure that you are consistently moving forward toward your goals.

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